my grandfather from wisconsin recently got into some legal issues. at the same time, he started losing hair. so i've come up with a solution to hair removal. i registered him for a yahoo domain name and also bought him a million lemons for all his juice needs. but then he died from mesothelioma. now i have a ton of lemons. that's where Gregg's Juice Hut for Dads came from. i'm trying to make a juice hut to make money for charities.

-love gregg
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Monday, October 11, 2010

alt art, funny photos, and idk what else.

just stuff i've saved lately.

this one's my photoshop skills at work
matt smith aka doctor who


zubat and golbat

some pokemon

johto vertical


cool black guy

who wants to be a slumdog thousandess

smiley face

winnie the pooh


cool mask guy

a half life 2 death match rendition of a drawing i did the other day.

the tick

jersey shore

the microsoft iphone starring steve gates



burgered away

snoop dog's happiest moment

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thoughts on Space

einstein had an idea of a theoretical object in space similar to a black hole called a white hole.
the difference between them is that instead of sucking matter in, white hole's project matter into the universe.
today's physists like to think that white hole's have the potential to create universes and that its possible that our universe was started by one, but at this point, white holes have not been seen yet. they are still only theoretical.

my idea is that the reason we haven't seen any white holes is that they are on the other side of black holes.
that black holes suck matter from out universe and use it to create new universes, appearing to be a white hole on the other side.

that's all.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sorry guys

so i've been really busy with the juice hut lately.
so busy that i've just been going home and sleeping EVERYDAY.

SO, i compiled a collection of everything i wanted to talk about and post over the past week and a half or so and i plan to post most of it tomorrow afternoon.

be there or be a sad, sad baby.