my grandfather from wisconsin recently got into some legal issues. at the same time, he started losing hair. so i've come up with a solution to hair removal. i registered him for a yahoo domain name and also bought him a million lemons for all his juice needs. but then he died from mesothelioma. now i have a ton of lemons. that's where Gregg's Juice Hut for Dads came from. i'm trying to make a juice hut to make money for charities.

-love gregg
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

2011 Warped Tour Pit Reporter Application

This is my friend justin.
he's truely a hero and a champ.
always been an aggressive pursuit of the music industry.
whether its being involved with advertising campaings or filming interviews with unsigned bands.
he knows what he wants to be doing and this is it.
like his video on youtube so vans will like him too.

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