my grandfather from wisconsin recently got into some legal issues. at the same time, he started losing hair. so i've come up with a solution to hair removal. i registered him for a yahoo domain name and also bought him a million lemons for all his juice needs. but then he died from mesothelioma. now i have a ton of lemons. that's where Gregg's Juice Hut for Dads came from. i'm trying to make a juice hut to make money for charities.

-love gregg
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Star Wars Gangsta Rap 2

this is great.
i think i like it better than the first one from, like, 9 years ago.


  1. lol nice one

    check out my blog to man !

  2. But where's the "I'm your father, I'm you father, I'm your father, I'm you father"

  3. lol what an intersting blog, im following you back
    good luck selling them lemons :D

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